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morph-LDP[1] is an extension of morph-RDB that works with our Linked Data Platform implementation [2]. morph-LDP exposes relational data as read/write Linked Data for LDP-aware applications, whilst allowing legacy applications to continue using their relational databases.



[1] Mihindukulasooriya, N., Priyatna F., Corcho, O., García-Castro, R. and Esteban-Gutiérrez, M. morph-LDP: An R2RML-based Linked Data Platform implementation. The 11th Extended Semantic Web Conference 2014 Demo Session, Crete, Greece.
[2] Mihindukulasooriya, N., García-Castro, R., Esteban-Gutiérrez, M.: Linked Data Platform as a novel approach for Enterprise Application Integration. (Oct 2013)


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