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Freddy Priyatna


Office 3204 - Facultad de Informática
Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, España

Phone: +34 913363670
Fax: +34 913524819

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Freddy Priyatna is a postdoctoral researcher at Departamento de Inteligencia Artificial of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
He is also a member of the Ontology Engineering Group. His research areas are on Ontology-based Data Access and Integration and Semantic Web.

He holds an undergraduate degree of Computer Science in 2003 from the University of Indonesia. He obtained his joint master degree in Computational Logic in 2009, given by Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. His Ph.D thesis entitled Methods and Techniques for the Generation and Eficient Exploitation of RDB2RDF Mappings was defended in December 2015. The thesis is focused on the generation and efficient exploitation of RDB2RDF mapping languages. The contributions of the Ph.D thesis are twofold: 1) the formalization and optimization of R2RML-based SPARQL-to-SQL query translation, and 2) the study of the relationship between the R2RML and Direct Mapping W3C Recommendations.


The main results of his study have been implemented as ODEMapster (now deprecated, which is a precursor to the morph-suite) and the morph suite of technologies, a collection of RDB2RDF tools to provide access to relational databases and semi-structured data sources.

He has also collaborated in the following research and commercial projects and initiatives:

  • Integrate Project. In this project, he helped members of UPM’s BioInformatics Group to deal with various queries in the Healthcare domain (using the HL7-RIM model) that could not be handled by an existing state-of-the-art RDB2RDF system. The optimization techniques that he designed and had been implemented in morph-suite enabled the group to obtain the expected results within reasonable time
  • Kuwait Clinic Project. In this project, he collaborated with researchers from the University of Sunderland, UK (Andrew Brown, Dr. Esraa Jamal and Dr. Albert Bokma). The collaboration was about designing a system that enforces a rule set conforming data protection requirement in the domain of medical data. The main result of this collaboration was a proof-of-concept implemented in the International Clinic in Kuwait and was reported in the master thesis of Andrew Brown: “Dynamic Semantic Data Access Management in Healthcare”.
  • Repener. In this project, he used morph-RDB to help several members in the project dealing with queries related to information energy system, that could not be handled by an existing state-of-the-art RDB2RDF system.
  • BizkaiSense. In this project he used morph-RDB to help several members in the project dealing with queries related to the environmental domain, that could not be handled by an existing state-of-the art RDB2RDF system.
  • IASoft-Oesía and Gobierno de Aragón. In this project morph-RDB was applied in a commercial environment, for the generation of Linked Data about public tenders that will appear in the open data portal of the Government of Aragón.

Furthermore, there have been several contributions to the morph-RDB code, done by third parties:

  • Franck Michel from CNRS, France, who contributed to some enhancement in morph-RDB and used it as the base for his xR2RML engine.
  • Michael Barrientos from Syapse, USA, who contributes with some enhancements in morph-RDB by refactoring part of the code and bug fixes.


Invited Talks

  •  Herrenhausen 2015 Conference by The Volkswagen Foundation: "Big Data in a Transdisciplinary Perspective", whose focus was “laid on open questions, unsolved problems, and future perspectives [of big data], discussion on the challenges and consequences of Big Data research for society as well as innovation and technology, addressed the influence on economics as well as the legal framework and closed on the challenges for research and research funding in the field of Big Data”.
  • Credible 2014 workshop, whose aim is to “gather scientists from all disciplines involved in the set up of distributed and heterogeneous medical data sharing systems (medical data representation, data mediation, data stores federation, data semantics, workflows, … towards biomedical data integration), to provide an overview of this broad and complex area, to assess the state-of-the-art methods and technologies addressing it, and to discuss the open scientific questions it raises.”.



 He has been involved in the following projects:

  •  PlanetData, whose aims is to establish a sustainable European community of researchers that supports organizations in exposing their data in new and useful ways.
  • NeOn project, whose  goal is to provide comprehensive support for ontology engineering life-cycle.
  • España Virtual, whose aims to define an architecture, protocols, and standards for accessing geographical information data.



Most relevant publications:


  • Freddy Priyatna, Oscar Corcho and Juan F. Sequeda. Formalisation and Experiences of R2RML-based SPARQL to SQL query translation using Morph. In Proceedings of the 24rd International Web Wide Web Conference (WWW2014). Seoul, Korea. April, 2014


  • de Medeiros, L. F., Priyatna, F., & Corcho, O. (2015). MIRROR: Automatic R2RML Mapping Generation from Relational Databases. In Engineering the Web in the Big Data Era (pp. 326-343). Springer International Publishing.


  • Freddy Priyatna, Raul Alonso-Calvo, Sergio Paraiso, Gueton Padron-Sanchez and Oscar Corcho. R2RML-based access and querying to relational clinical data with morph-RDB. Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences (SWAT 2015). (To appear)


  • Mihindukulasooriya, N., Priyatna, F., Corcho, O., García-Castro, R., & Esteban-Gutiérrez, M. (2014). morph-LDP: An R2RML-Based Linked Data Platform Implementation. In The Semantic Web: ESWC 2014 Satellite Events (pp. 418-423). Springer International Publishing.


  • Freddy Priyatna, Carlos Buil Aranda, Oscar Corcho. Applying SPARQL-DQP for Federated SPARQL Querying over Google Fusion Tables. Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2013) Demo Session. Montpellier, France. May, 2013


  • Juan F. Sequeda, Freddy Priyatna and Boris Villazon-Terrazas: Relational Database to RDF Mapping Patterns. Workshop of Ontology Patterns (WOP2012). Boston, USA. November, 2012


  • Boris Villazon-Terrazas and Freddy Priyatna: Building Ontologies by using Re-engineering Patterns and R2RML Mappings. Workshop of Ontology Patterns (WOP2012). Boston, USA. November, 2012


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