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Julia Bosque Gil

jbosquePhD student

Office 3206 - Facultad de Informática
Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, España

Telephone: +34 910673091
Fax: +34 913524819

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Julia Bosque is a PhD student at the OEG since October 2014. She holds a B.A in German Linguistics and English from the Humboldt University of Berlin and a MA in Computational Linguistics from Brandeis University, Waltham. During her B.A studies she focused on formal syntax of German and English, formal semantics and discourse representation. She stepped into Natural Language Processing and Text Annotation during her stay at Brandeis. Her MA Thesis proposed a model for the semantic annotation of images largely based on ISO-Space (Pustejovsky et al. 2012). Her interests include the lexicon-ontology and the syntax-semantics interfaces, the relations between the lexicon and syntax, semantic annotation, e-lexicography, and the representation of (multilingual) language resources as linked data.

She has been working in the conversion of multilingual terminologies to RDF as part of the LIDER project and in the modeling of lexicographic data as linked data in collaboration with K Dictionaries and Semantic Web Company. For her PhD thesis she is investigating the use of linguistic linked data for research in linguistics and lexicography.


Her most relevant publications:

  • Bosque-Gil, J., Gracia, J., Montiel-Ponsoda, E. (2017) Towards a Module for Lexicography in OntoLex. 1st Wokshop on the OntoLex Model (OntoLex-2017), co-located with the Language, Data and Knowledge (LDK'17) conference, 18/06/2017, Galway, Ireland.
  • Gracia, J., Kernerman, I., Bosque-Gil, J. (2017) Toward Linked Data-Native Dictionaries. eLex 2017: Electronic lexicography in the 21st century: Lexicography from Scratch, Leiden, Netherlands, 19-21/09/2017 (to appear)
  • McCrae, J., Bosque-Gil, J., Gracia, J., Buitelaar, P., & Cimiano, P. (2017) The OntoLex-Lemon Model: development and applications. eLex 2017: Electronic lexicography in the 21st century: Lexicography from Scratch, Leiden, Netherlands, 19-21/09/2017 (to appear)
  • Bosque-Gil, J., Gracia, J., Montiel-Ponsoda, E., & Aguado-de-Cea, G. (2016). Modelling multilingual lexicographic resources for the Web of Data: The K Dictionaries case. In GLOBALEX 2016 Lexicographic Resources for Human Language Technology Workshop Programme (p. 65).
  • Bosque-Gil, J., Montiel-Ponsoda, E., Gracia, J., & Aguado-de-Cea, G. (2016). Terminoteca RDF: A Gathering Point for Multilingual Terminologies in Spain. En Term Bases and Linguistic Linked Open Data, 12th International Conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering (TKE 2016), Copenhague, Dinamarca. 136-146.
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  • Bosque-Gil, J., Pustejovsky, J. (2015). The Semantics of Image Annotation. In Proceedings 11th Joint ISO-ACL SIGSEM Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation.


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