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Geobuddies ontology network

The aim of the ontology network of the Geobuddies project is to represent the knowledge related to art, attractions, routes and community services that may be encountered during the completion of the Way of St. James.

Ontology network Geobuddies is a central ontology (CaminoDeSantiago.owl) that links together a set of ontologies that describe the different sub domains that are necessary for the modeling of the knowledge about the Way of St. James. These sub domains are: Art, Architecture, Tastes, Geography, Languages, People, Price, Community Services, Time and Units of Measure.

It is interesting to note that during the ontology development of the ontologies of the GeoBuddies project were reused both existing ontologies as well as ontological design patterns and not ontological resources.

You can download the full ontology network from the following link.


Conceptual map at a high level of the ontology network Geobuddies



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