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mIO! ontology network

The aim of the ontology network mIO! is to represent knowledge related to the context of the user. The context of the user must include the user's local information (position, date), information from the environment (temperature, luminosity), personal tastes of entertainment (theater, sport), and social information (buddy list, agenda). Furthermore, this context should include information about the services that a user can produce and/or consume (availability, price), as well as information on the devices that a user can use (battery, cover).

The ontology network mIO! consists of a central ontology (mIO.owl) that links together a set of ontologies that describe different sub domains required for modeling the context. These sub domains are: Device, Environment, Power, Interface, Location, Provider, Internet, Role, Service, Time and User.

It is interesting to note that during the ontology development project of mIO! ontologies were reused from both existing ontologies as well as ontological design patterns and not ontological resources.

The development of ontology network mIO! consists of three phases, two of which have been completed and it is working on the third and last.

In this link you can find the current version of the ontologies, which correspond to the third phase of development.


Conceptual map at a high level of the ontology network mIO!



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