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FP Research project ontologies

In the research projects of the  European Commission's Framework Programme, a set of ontologies have been using for modelling the information. The set of ontologies are: Documentation Ontology, Event Ontology, Organization Ontology, Person Ontology and Project Ontology. These ontologies have been used in different FP6 and FP7 projects, such as NeOn (FP6), SemSorGrid4Env (FP6), SEALS (FP7), etc.

A description of each ontology:

  • The Documentation Ontology models knowledge of documentation used in the project. The main concept of this ontology is Documentation, which is organized according to the type of document within a taxonomy.
  • The Event Ontology models knowledge of events that are related to the project. The main concept of this ontology is Event, which is organized in a taxonomy with five types of events (conferences, workshops, area meetings, etc.).
  • The Organization Ontology models knowledge of organizations that work in the project. The main concept in this ontology is Organization, which is split into three subclasses. The most important information about organizations working in a project is related to the organization itself and to its location.
  • The Person Ontology models knowledge of persons who work in the project. This ontology is focused on general-purpose personal information. The main concept of this ontology is Person. We have divided such concept into four different types: university staff, company staff, project officer, and student.
  • The Project Ontology models the Technical Annex of a project, including information about: milestones, WPs, tasks, projects or networks of excellence, areas, etc. This ontology is not organized in a taxonomy; it only includes several concepts and the relationships between them.

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