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NOR2O is no longer used or maintained by our group.

NOR2O is a Library for Transforming Non-Ontological Resources to Ontologies. Non-Ontological Resources (NORs) are knowledge resources whose semantics have not been formalized yet by an ontology. There is a big amount of NORs that embody knowledge about some particular domains and that represent some degree of consensus.

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OWLDoc is a plug-in developed within the NeOn project. This plug-in is implemented for NeOn Toolkit and its function is to add an option in the exportation menu of the tool to generate html documents from an OWL ontology.

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WebODE is no longer being used or maintained by our group.

WebODE is an extensible ontology-engineering suite based on an application server, whose development started in 1999 and whose support was discontinued in 2006. The core of WebODE was its ontology access service, used by all the services and applications plugged into the server. The WebODE's Ontology Editor allowed editing and browsing WebODE ontologies, and was based on HTML forms and Java applets.

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ODESeW is no longer being used or maintained by our group.

ODESeW (Semantic Web Portal based on WebODE platform) is an ontology-based application that automatically generates and manages a knowledge portal for Intranets and Extranets. ODESeW is built inside the WebODE ontology engineering workbench that provide the following functions:

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R2O and ODEMapster (deprecated)

R2O & ODEMapster is no longer been used or maintained by our group. It has been replaced by the morph suite of tools, which includes morph-RDB, morph-GFT and morph-streams.

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WS-DAIOnt-RDF(S) is no longer being used or maintained by our group

WS-DAIOnt-RDF(S) is a specification for the provision of a service-oriented access mechanism to RDF(S) ontologies.

This OGSA-compliant specification defines the set of data resources and associated access messages and interfaces required for the integration of RDF(S) ontologies in any service-oriented Grid application.

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