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WebODE is no longer being used or maintained by our group.

WebODE is an extensible ontology-engineering suite based on an application server, whose development started in 1999 and whose support was discontinued in 2006. The core of WebODE was its ontology access service, used by all the services and applications plugged into the server. The WebODE's Ontology Editor allowed editing and browsing WebODE ontologies, and was based on HTML forms and Java applets.

WebODE was built as a scalable, extensible, integrated workbench that covers and gave support to most of the activities involved in the ontology development process (conceptualization, reasoning, exchange, etc.) and supplied a comprehensive set of ontology related services that permit interoperation with other information systems. Among these services, the workbench integrated services for ontology language import and export (XML, RDF(S), OIL, DAML+OIL, OWL, CARIN, FLogic, Jess, Prolog), for axiom edition with WAB (WebODE Axiom Builder), for documentation, for evaluation, for evolution, for learning, for merge, and an inference engine.

Most relevant publications:

  • WebODE in a nutshell. AI Magazine 2003.




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