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The OGSA-DAI project have released version 4.1 of its software

OGSA-DAI is a customisable framework for the management of distributed data resources - whether these be databases, files or other types of data - via web services. OGSA-DAI provides a workflow engine for the execution of data access, update, transformation, federation, processing and delivery scenarios. It also provides a powerful distributed query processor allowing SQL queries to be targeted across distributed databases.

Among other new features OGSA-DAI 4.1 now supports RDF data resources which allow querying of Jena SDB databases and SPARQL endpoints using SPARQL, developed by Carlos Buil-Aranda, from the Ontology Engineering Group.

OGSA-DAI is a free, open source, 100% Java product and is released under the Apache 2.0 licence. Releases can be downloaded from

The user doc is at

and release notes at

To find out more about OGSA-DAI visit our open source project site at




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