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Knowledge Web

kwebKnowledge Web is a 4 year Network of Excellence. Supporting the transition process of Ontology technology from Academia to Industry is the main and major goal of Knowledge Web. The mission of Knowledge Web is to strengthen the European industry and service providers in one of the most important areas of current computer technology: Semantic Web enabled E-work and E-commerce. The project concentrates its efforts around the outreach of this technology to industry. Naturally, this includes education and research efforts to ensure the durability of impact and support of industry.

UPM role in Knowledge Web

Inside Knowledge Web, the UPM has a very active role, participating in the three areas covered by the Network of Excellence: Industry, Research, and Education. The main tasks performed by UPM are listed next. In the industry area, UPM performs tasks about benchmarking of the Semantic Web technology, has developed a distributed ontology repository (Oyster) and a semantic portal technology (ODESeW) used to develop the Network portal. In the research area, UPM works in the theoretical foundations of the evaluation and benchmarking of Semantic Web technology, providing software support to these activities (IBSE). Inside the education area, UPM collaborates in the making of the educational content and is the local organizer of the annual summer school (Summer School on Ontological Engineering and the Semantic Web). Besides, the main investigator participates in management tasks with the roles of Scientific Vice-Director and Risk Manager.



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