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buscamediaBUSCAMEDIA (Hacia una adaptación semántica de medios digitales multirredmultiterminal) aims to provide a real multimedia semantic search engine, which is based on a new ontology defined within the project (the M3 ontology: multilingual, multidomain, and multimedia). The multimedia semantic search engine will adapt dynamically to any network, terminal, context and user (both professional user and end-user).

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OEG is involved in the development of the ontologies that represent multimedia information, taking into account a multilingual context and the applicability to several domains. The aim is to build an ontology called M3 (multilingual, multidomain, and multimedia) that is used by the multimedia semantic search engine.

Additionally, OEG is involved in the building of ontologies that represent user profiles, which can be used to personalize multimedia searches. This personalization should be done based on user preferences, relevant content, and user context.


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The ontology network developed is available at M3 ontology network.

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Job opportunities

There are currently no job offers or studentships available in this project. For offers in other projects or research areas of the group, please check in our job opportunities section.

However, you may contact Mari Carmen Suárez-Figueroa to check whether there are any potential open positions in the near future.





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