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mybigdataIn this project we will create a platform that will integrate new methods, techniques and tools to allow the ontology-based integration of heterogeneous scientific data sources, reusing the advances done in this area during the last two decades and incorporating new types of data sources coming from social networks of researchers, from the Linked Data cloud and from sensor networks.

The project will be based on the advances that are being made by the proposing research group in the current state of the art in the following areas, by devising new methods, techniques and tools for the:
    • Ontology-based access to acquisitional and non-acquisitional data streams, performing in-network processing in the case of acquisitional ones.
    • Ontology grounding of terms available in folksonomies coming from social networks, and their integration with other knowledge sources.
    • Characterisation of data sources that are unknown a-priori, using inductive approaches over other known sources.
    • Distributed query planning that takes into account data quality (e.g., provenance) and data service quality (e.g., access cost) properties of the original data sources.
    • Distribution and optimisation of queries to distributed RDF data sources, available as SPARQL endpoints.
    • Publishing of high-quality Linked Data.

    And all these individual advances will be made available in a single data integration model that will allow the access and integration of all these types of data sources in a domain independent manner. This will be demonstrated by means of a user-oriented platform that will contain all these services.


    Persons involved in the myBigData Project development are:

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    However, you may contact Óscar Corcho to check whether there are any potential open positions in the near future.



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