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otalexOTALEX is financed by the European programme INTERREGIII A, and its objective is to study and show the reality of a territory, which is composed of the Alentejo region in Portugal and the Extremadura region in Spain, conventionally separated by an administrative frontier but joined by their physical, environmental, social and economic features. It is about rural spaces of low demographic density where natural and cultural resources together with environmental quality represent its basic attraction.


This project (OTALEX) is the result of the effort, commitment and collaboration between institutions from both frontier sides, with the three administrative levels involvement: State, Regional and Local.

The role of the UPM in this project:

The Ontology Engineering Group (OEG) participates in this project generating and publishing Linked Data of OTALEX-C observatory related to POCTEP (Programa Operativo de Cooperación Transfronteriza España-Portugal) Program 2007-2013. This project has been supported by Spanish National Centre of Geographical Information.


People involved in the project development are:



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